Classic Series Microphone Stand with Three-way Adjustable Boom Arm and Stable Tripod Base - 3-Pack
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With the MC-40B 3-Pack, everyone in the band gets to have a great mic stand! You get three Ultimate Support stands, supported by our Limited Lifetime Warranty, & money left over to buy cables & other accessories!
Features an innovative, quick-to-adjust boom arm that could not be easier to use.
w/just one knob you can adjust the angle of the boom arm at the stand connection bracket (contrasted to the ground), the depth of the fixed-length arm, & the circular angle of the boom arm in the bracket.
This three-way adjustable boom arm means you can get your microphone exactly where you need it w/the twist of just one knob!
* Stable Tripod Base
* w/a durable resin base & legs that securely lock into place, the MC-40B is features a super stable tripod base.
What’s more, in the unlikely event that any one of the legs should break, all three legs are detachable & field replaceable!
* Many price-competitive mic stands offer noisy clutch systems that are hard to tighten & release.
The MC-40B clutch is super quiet, reliable, & impressively easy to tighten & release - which is a nice feature in the middle of a gig when you have to make adjustments quickly, or when a lot of different people are using the same mic stand in the same show.
* Three stands in one box
* Adjust the boom three different ways from just one knob
* Field-replaceable, stable tripod legs
* Fast, quiet clutch
* Part Number: 17904
* Stand height: 36-in - 63-in (914mm - 1600mm)
* Boom length: 31.75-in (805mm)
* Folded Length: 38.8-in (986 mm)