2,700 Watt 12-in Subwoofer * Impedance: DVC 2 Ohms * MAX Power: 2,700w * RMS Power: 1,500w
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When technology advances, products do as well.
Does Lamborghini need to refine their cars every 2 years? NO, they do because they can.
After 6 years, it is time for a change.
Say See Ya!" to the old MOFO, & please welcome the new MOFO-X subwoofers! The new motor is refined & increases efficiency dramatically! MOFO-X subs use a composite sandwich cone w/a polypropylene surface
for durability & Spruce pulp backing for smooth low bass.
Like the original MOFOs, the new models still use an aluminum dustcap that couples to the voice coil former & extends over the cone.
Why? The fins brace the cone & eliminate cone flex during high excursion.
& since they are aluminum & couple to the dust cap & coil former, they act as a heat sink or heat extractor.
Using the latest
materials, the new MOFO subs yield superior performance.
Cast aluminum baskets? Of course! Increased bottom octave output? You bet! Louder than the original design? Duh!
* Royal Blue Finish w/ Diamond Cut Accents
* Die Cast Aluminum Voice Coil Heatsink
* Die-Cast Aluminum Frame
* Vented Pole Piece
* 2.5-in 4-Layer Voice Coil
* 373oz.
Motor Assembly
* Non-Pressed Pulp Cone
* Polyether Foam Surround
* Dual Poly-Cotton Spiders
* Nickel Plated 8ga Compression Wire Terminals

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