6 Watt Floating VHF Radio, Grey
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The best value in our handheld VHF radio line up! Backed by 50 years of Cobra quality, this floating radio has an orange core for higher visibility & is easy to retrieve if dropped overboard.
It features 6 Watts of power for longer range communications & full access to all NOAA weather channels & alarm tones for weather emergencies.
It also includes all of the core features like Noise canceling microphone, JIS7/IPX7 rated Submersible, Tri-Watch, Memory Channels, Memory Scan & BURP.
* Noise-Cancelling Microphone - Blocks background noise for clearer conversations.
* 6 Watt VHF - Select between 1, 3 & 6 watts for short & long range communication.
* USA, Canada & International Channels - Allows operation on any of the three different channel maps established for these areas.
* All NOAA Weather Channels & Weather Alert - Instant access to national All Hazards & weather information, 24 hours a day, & alerts if threatening weather is nearby.
* MR HH350
* Weight: 0.59 LBS (262.00 g)
* Height: 4.75-in (121.00 mm)
* Width: 2.66-in (67.00 mm)
* Length: 2.09-in (53.00 mm)