General purpose muting switch for microphones.
SKU: MS111
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Manufacturer: ROLLS

The MS111 will pass phantom power, with no popping on the outputs.
It is configurable to be Push to Mute or release to Mute by a second switch accessed on the side of the unit.
The MS111 can have the mute switch configured to be Momentary (see manual), the switch is set to latching from the factory.
The MS111 is only compatible with balanced signals.
* Passes Phantom Power
* Balanced Female XLR Input and Male XLR Output jacks
* Activation Switch can be either Latching or Momentary Mute
* Reversible Activation Switch-Up position can be mic on or off
* Can be stand mounted with the Rolls MSC106 mic mount accessory
* No popping on the outputs when switched
* Input/Output Impedance: 600 Ohms
* Connections: 2 XLR: 1 Male, 1 Female
* Size: 2.5-in W x 2-in H x 3-in D
* Weight: 1 lb.

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