Marine Grade compact 400 watt mono Powersports amplifier for a subwoofer
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Manufacturer: MB QUART

MB Quart compact 400 watt mono Powersports amplifier to for a subwoofer with on-board equalization and simple instalation with quick release connectors.
Bass remote included
* Class: Full Range Class D
* Variable Voltage: 0.2V~9V
* Signal to Noise Ratio: >100dB
* Frequency Response: 10Hz-300Hz
* Crossover Type: Electronic 12dB Per Octave
* Crossover Frequency Range
CH1 & CH2
: Switch Low Pass 300 Hz
* Bass Boost: 0-12dB@45Hz
* Subsonic Filter: 60Hz
* Power @ 2-Ohms: 1 x 400W
* Power @ 4-Ohms: 1 x 200W
* Total Channels: Mono
* Audio Inputs: RCA
* Power Terminal 12v/GND: Molex 10 ga
* Speaker Terminal Wire Gauge: Molex Plug Connector
* Fusing: 1 x 30 Amps
* Certifications: Marine & Powersports
* Dimensions: 3.70 X 5.51 X 1.77 in
9.4 X 14.0 X 4.5 cm
* Weight: 2.09 lbs (0.95 kg)
Part #: NA2-400.1 - SKU: 806576227359 - Category: NA2 Amplifiers
* Marine Grade Protection: YES
Amplifiers are ABYC & ASTM certified which defines that marine amplifiers must use conformal coated PC boards to resist corrosion from salt spray & moisture.
* Pre-Amp Circuitry: Q-Stasis Pre Amplifier Stage
The highly engineered Q-Stasis pre-amplifier stage reduces incoming noise from source units dramatically improving sound quality
* Inputs: 2 Pair, RCA Nickel-Plated
High temperature impact resistant with hex screw terminals that allow for secure connections and is erosion resistant
* Operation Mode: Mono operation
Deisgned to power 1 subwoofer or subwoofer system
* Crossover / Signal Shaping: LPF
Complete control of amplifier signal, essential when using two or more amplifiers
* Class / Topology: Full Range Class D
Highly efficient circuit topology which helps the amplifer develop a lot of power in a very small heatsink.
* Output Devices Technology: PWM MOSFET Power Supply
Stable power through the PC board with minimal heat generation
* Heat Sink: Aluminum
Quickly dissapates heat to allow the amplifer to run lower impedance for longer duration
* Power Supply: Simpatico Coil Design
The dual coil Pulse Width Modulated power supply keeps voltage constant through the Ultra-Fi output devices
* Bass Remote: Included
Wired Bass Remote allows adjustments to bass frequencies to be made from the control mounted anywhere in the vehicle.
* Output Connections:
Quick Dissconect Wires, RCA Connections
Quickly remove amplifer when you are putting machine up for the winter of as a security precaution
* Connections Type: Nickel-plated connections
Nickel plated corrosion resistant connections
* Diagnostics:
Three-stage protection circuits
Monitor thermal, overload, DC, and speaker short protection with lighted indicators on the amplifier end panel
* Marinized / Waterproof: YES
Water resistant for durability in any environment