Orbit Wireless DJ Controller w/Motion Control
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Control the Atmosphere Orbit packs a massive amount of MIDI control into a compact & intuitive design that fits comfortably in your hands.
Every inch, inside & out, is tailor-made for live DJ performance & powerful wireless control-Orbit is 100% MIDI-customizable, able to go as far as your imagination & creativity will take it.
Wirelessly manipulate effects, launch samples & hot cues, control software, trigger lighting, & more. Mix w/Motion Orbit's embedded MIDI-assignable accelerometer makes your mix follow your motion.
Assign any two volume, effect, or filter parameters to Orbit's shoulder triggers & hang on for the ride.
By tilting Orbit left & right or forward & back, you can create sweeping effects & even combine two effects at the same time-just hold down both shoulder triggers & start moving. -inThis controller can do, effectively, whatever you want it to & can be mapped & used relatively easily.-in Illuminate Your Performance Orbit's 16 backlit pads are fully customizable, so you can organize parameters for your style of performance & customize every pad's color to what you prefer.
w/4 selectable banks, Orbit's 16 pads allow you to assign up to 64 hot cues, lighting transitions, video clips, samples, & more.
Plus, Orbit's center aluminum-faced control wheel allows you to assign up to four virtual knobs per bank for a total of 16 parameters. -in...
the opposite of standing rigidly behind a laptop, eyes locked to the waveforms. A Zero-Gravity Wireless Experience Perform wired or wireless.
Orbit charges via USB & can also control your software via USB.
Orbit gives you 2.4 GHz ultra-low-latency wireless performance control w/a range of up to 100 feet & eight hours of continuous use per charge (up to 24 hours standby).
w/its rotating buckle & metal strap rings, you can go hands-off & attach Orbit to your belt or arm band, or hang it around your neck for instant access during performances. Orbit from Numark it's hands-on control that'sout of this world. 2.4 GHz ultra-low-latency wireless performance control * 16 backlit pads, 4 selectable banks, 4 virtual knobs per bank * Internal 2-axis accelerometer for instant motion control via 2 shoulder trigger controls * 100% MIDI-customizable: control music, software, videos, effects, lighting, & more * Use handheld, strapped to belt or body or hung around neck * Included MIDI editor allows easy configuration of all 84 performance controls * Illuminated aluminum-faced control wheel * Includes Orbit DJ software * Rechargeable lithium-ion battery INCLUDES * Orbit Controller * Orbit DJ Software (Download) * Orbit MIDI Editor (Download) * Velcro Strap (For wearing) * Storage Pouch * USB Cable * User Manual * Safety & Warranty Manual * Operating time: 8 hours continuous * Unit Dimensions: 7.1-in W x 4.3-in D x .9-in H * Product Weight (out of box): 11.2 ounces (317 g) * Charging Cable: USB * Wireless Carrier Frequency: ~2.4 Ghz (RF) * Wireless Range: Up to 100 feet * Wireless Receiver: USB * Option To Use Wired Over USB: Yes * Assignable Buttons (physical): 16 * Banks: 4 * Total Assignable Buttons: 64 * Assignable Jog Wheel (physical): 1 * Total Jog Wheels: 4 * Accelerometers: X & Y * Communication Protocol: General MIDI * Orbit DJ audio files supported * Lossless: * WAV 16-32 bit, 44.1k - 192k
* AIFF 16-32 bit, 44.1k - 192k
* ALAC * Lossy: * MP3 32 kbit/s - 320 kbit/s + VBR
* M4A / AAC
* MP4
* OGG Vorb