An ideal controller for overall system master volume or subwoofer levels COLOR WHITE
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* Maximum Voltage
* Great Sound Quality
* High performance car audio amplifiers love lots of signal voltage.
This allows them to deliver optimum sound quality & maximum bass response.
Unfortunately, many of today’s after market source units don’t output the optimum voltage levels these amplifier need.
The AudioControl OVERDRIVE PLUS pre-amp line driver increases the line level signals from aftermarket source units up to 13 volts max (9.5 RMS) & delivers them downstream to the amplifiers inputs.
The results are increased dynamic range, maximum signal-to-noise levels, & tremendous bass response.
Autosound enthusiasts will enjoy dramatically improved sound quality of their after market audio system.
Maximum Control
* The OVERDRIVE PLUS features an optional dash control input which facilitates remote control of pre-amp signal levels.
This makes the OVERDRIVE PLUS ideal as a controller for overall system master volume or subwoofer levels.
Let the AudioControl OVERDRIVE PLUS put your system into high gear.
Two pre-amp input & output channels
* 24 dB of signal gain
* 13 volts of peak output (9.5 volts RMS)
* Input for optional remote level control
* Voltage indicator LEDs
* Low impedance outputs can drive multiple amplifiers
* Designed & manufactured by AudioControl, USA