Four Channel Wireless All-In-One P.A. System Package
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The PA-MAN II PRO is a unique new concept in portable P.A.
that places the latest in wireless microphone technology & a multi-format disc player in a mixing amplifier to create a versatile system for any application.
The built-in disc player will spin DVDs, CDs & CD+G Karaoke discs & a USB port lets you access your digital library of music easily - just plug in a thumb drive & go! Performers will love that the disc player & each wireless mic channel are field-replaceable modules that can be removed without affecting the functionality of the other channels.
Loaded w/professional & practical features, the PA-MAN II PRO will make a great asset for a performer or anyone looking for an all-in-one P.A.
* 1 PA-MAN II Four Channel All-In-One P.A.
* 2 VX-12 Pro 12-in Karaoke Vocal Speaker
* 2 Speaker Cables (PTP-30)
* 2 SS-88 Speaker Stands
* Weight:
PA-MAN II: 40 lbs
VX-12: 40 lbs (x2)
SS-88: 13 lbs (x2)
Total: 146 lbs
* FCC license may be required