4-in Titanium 8 Ohm Horn Bolt On Driver
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* Midrange/Tweeter Compression Horn Driver * Titanium Diaphragm * Terminals 205-Type * 4'' (50.8mm) Flat Aluminum Voice Coil * 116 oz Magnet Structure * Frequency Response: 400Hz-15KHz * Sensitivity: 99db 1W/1M * 8 Ohm Impedance * 1200 Watts Watts RMS /600 Watts Peak Power Handing * Fits Horns w/Four M6 Threaded Holes 90 Apart on 4' (102mm) Diameter Circle * Overall Dimensions: 7-in Diameter x 3.2-in Depth * Sold as: Unit * Weight: 22.68 lbs.
The PDB952 is a powerful 4' titanium mid-range/tweeter compression horn drive pushing 100 Watts RMS power handling capability.
The aluminum voice coil w/116 oz.
magnet offers unparalleled sound quality in a 4' driver.
The titanium driver keeps your sound secure & distortion-free, ultimately achieving a frequency response of 400 Hz to 15 KHz.
Fits horns w/four M6 threaded holes.
205-type terminals, 8 ohm Impedance.