DJ Booth Cover Screen. * DJ Façade Frontboard Display Scrim Panel
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* Provides A Clean Look to Your DJ Presentation Setup
* Allows you to Add Cool Lighting Visual Effects
* Perfect for Cable Management & Concealment
* Thick & Stretchable Lycra Material for Smoothness
* Hassle-Free Quick Setup Design
* Easily Folds Open & Closed
* Machine Washable Material
* Lightweight & Portable
* Includes Travel/Storage Bag
* Perfect for On-Stage or In-Studio Use Technical Specs:
* Material Composition: Thick Lycra Spandex
* Frame Material Composition: Steel Alloy
* Individual Panel Size (W x H): 24.2-in x 46.0-in -Each
* Folded Size (W x H x D): 46.0-in x 24.2-in x 3.9-in
* Total Assembled/Extended Size (W x H x D): 48.0-in x 24.2-in x 46.0-in