15-Inch 250 W Active Powered Subwoofer For Home Theater
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* 250 W Active Subwoofer
* RCA Line In Input
* RCA Line Out For Receiver
* 15-in Long Throw Driver
* Class H Amplifier
* Crossover Slope Adjusted to 80 Hz
* Dimensions: 19.7-in X 21.2-in X 19.7-in
* Sold as:
* Weight: 67.84 lbs.
Take your home theater to the next level with the PDSB15A.
Watching movies and sports at home with surround sound can be an incredible experience but without a subwoofer, you're missing the low-end frequencies that make the movie or sporting event feel real.
This 250 W active sub features a 15' long throw driver and class H amplifier for powerful, realistic bass.
Features a line input and line out over RCA, so you can use this sub as a crossover for your system as well.
The elegant wood finish looks great and compliments your speakers well.
Whether you're upgrading from a smaller subwoofer or adding one to your system, the PDSB15A is perfect for you.