Short throw, axis asymmetric horn for medium format 1.0 inch (25.4mm) throat design
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Short throw, axis asymmetric horn design.
The horn features a nominal 100 degree horizontal by 60 degree vertical radiation pattern & is ideal for applications where asymmetric acoustic radiation is specified.
The medium format 1.0 inch (25.4mm) throat design is ideal for high sound pressure levels & low distortion through the mid band frequency range.
The 1.0 inch diameter screw on throat design is a common diameter for many compression drivers.
The PH-180 offers a square mouth design that allows for horn rotation within an enclosure.
The horn mouth width is ideal for use w/8 inch & larger loudspeakers in professional level two way system designs.
The horn is compatible w/many competitive compression driver designs because of its industry standard throat diameter.
The PH-180 is constructed from high impact ABS w/additional glass fillers for superior structural support & rigidity.
The PH-180 may be used w/the following P.audio professional compression drivers.
( or any industry standard compatible driver ) - BM-D340S - BM-D440S - BM-D450S - PreNeo-340S
Nominal Coverage Angle ( H Degrees X V Degrees) - 6 dB.
(50 Degrees -100 Degrees ) x 60 Degrees
* Cut Off Frequency ( Hz.) 700 Hz
* Throat Diameter 25.4mm (1-in)
* Mounting Type SCREW ON
* Construction Injected Polymer
* A.B.S w/glass
* fiber filled Black
* Polycabonate
* Rear Height: 149mm (5.87-in)
* Rear Width: 149mm (5.87-in)
* Mount Height: 180mm (7.08-in)
* Mount Width: 180mm (7.08-in)
* Length: 125mm (4.92-in)
* Height: 135mm (5.31-in)
* Width: 135mm (5.31-in)
* Net Weight: 0.4 kg (0.88 lbs)
* Shipping Weight: 0.6 kg (1.32 lbs)
* Packing Dimension: 195mm x 195mm x 140mm
* 7.67-in x 7.67-in x 5.51-in