Hearing Amplifier, Listening Impaired Audio/Sound Amplifier with Rechargeable Battery
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* Listening Enhancement Hearing Assistance
* Convenient & Comfortable Wireless Design
* Amplifier Effectively Reduces Background Noise
* Tested to Provide a More Comfortable Listening Experience
* ASC (Automatic Signal Control) Regulates & Balances Sound
* Amplify Sounds up to 30x
* Built-in Rechargeable Battery
* Comfortable Non-in terfering Design
* Made to Fit: For Ears All Shapes & Sizes
* Easily Adjustable Volume Control Wheel
* Includes Changeable Earbuds / Inserts (Small, Medium, Large)
* Charging Power Adapter and Docking Station Also Included
* Long Lasting Battery Life: Lasts up to 12 Hours
* Simple ON/OFF Switch Technical Specs:
* Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion (1.2V)
* Working Current: <3mA
* Signal to Noise Ratio: <28dB
* Frequency Response: 100-400Hz
* Audio Gain: 30dB
* Distortion: <6%
* AC Power Adapter: 100/240 Volt
* Battery: 1.2V