Bluetooth Digital Weight Scale and 'Pyle Health' App (Black)
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Manufacturer: PYLE

* Bluetooth SMART Technology.
* Measures Weight and Wirelessly Sends Data to Your Device.
* Download the Pyle Health Application to your Smartphone and Track Your Weight.
* LCD Digital Display Data Readout.
* Choose Your Measurement Unit: Pounds, Kilograms, or Stones.
* High Precision Strain Gauge Sensory System for Accurate Results.
* Tempered Glass Surface Effectively Handles and Distributes Weight Evenly.
* Auto Turn On and Auto Off.
* Battery Requirements: 4 x AAA Batteries (Included).
* Weight Capacity: 4.4 Lbs..
* 330.7 Lbs..
* Division: 0.22 Lbs.
* Application Supports iPhones 5, iPads, and iPad Mini (Compatible with iOS 6 & Later).
* Also Supports Android Samsung Galaxy S4, Nexus 7 (Compatible with Android 4.3 & Later) Must have Bluetooth 4.0 or later The Pyle Health App.
* Free to Download.
* Bluetooth Wireless Data Transfer.
* Save Your Weight Readings into the App.
* View Your History and Recall Measurements from Past Days.
* Integrated Calendar and Chart System Help you Keep Track.
* Easily Send & Share Your Data with Family, Friends or Doctor.
* Works with iPhones and iPads (Compatible with iOS 6 & Later).
* Also Works with Androids (Compatible with Android 4.3 & Later).
* Bluetooth 4.0 (Compatible with Devices Bluetooth V4.0 & Later)