Clear Sound Infrared TV Hearing Aids Wireless Listening Hearing Assistance System w/Rechargeable Battery & Power Charging Dock Station
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* Noise Reduction Circuitry To Reduce Background Noise
* Low Pass Filter To Reduce High Frequencies
* Limiter Circuitry To Eliminate Peaks In The Signal
* Powerful IR Transmitter
* Lithium-Ion Charge & Auto Switch-Off Function Receiver
* High S/N, Noise Reduction Function (=70dB)
* Balance Adjustment & Tone Adjustment
* Normal Hearing Aid Function
* Wired Headphone With Hearing Aid
* Built-In Lithium-Ion Battery
* Docking Station Recharges Transmitters
* Frequency: 2.3MHz;dB: >= 120dB, max 125dB.
* Sold as: Unit
* Weight: 1.1 lbs.
The PHPHA56 is a quality assistive listening system that works anywhere, from at home to specially equipped movie cinemas, theaters, and museums.
Superior quality audio is made possible via the IR light signal from the transmitter/docking station and can be brought in via the auxiliary/line input and mic input from any number of audio sources.
This device easily connects to the audio output jacks of VCR's, most TV's, DVD players, CD players, and other compatible audio devices.
With features including balance, volume, and tone controls, you will be able to adjust the sound to meet all of your needs.
Never miss a moment with the PHPHA56.