Bluetooth Infrared Ear Thermometer w/Digital LCD Display Readout
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* Quickly and Easily Displays Body Temperature
* Download the "~Pyle Health" Application and Connect via Bluetooth
* Uses Infrared Technology for Accurate Readings
* Designed for Measuring Body Temperature through the Eardrum
* Safe for Children and Adult Use
* Built-in Memory Function That Saves Last 8 Readings
* Easy to Read Digital LCD Display Readout
* Battery Saving: Automatically Turns Off 60 Seconds of Non-Use
* Degrees Switchable Between Celsius and Fahrenheit
* Battery Required: 2 x 'AAA' Batteries
* Dimensions: 5.8-in x 1.4-in x 1.2-in inch
* Weight: 1.73 oz.
(without batteries) The "~Pyle Health" Thermometer App:
* Free to Download
* Bluetooth Wireless Data Transfer
* Save Your Temperature Readings into the App
* View Your History and Recall Temperatures from Past Days
* Integrated Calendar and Chart System Help you Keep Track
* Easily Send & Share Your Data with Family, Friends or Doctor
* Works with iPhones and iPads (Compatible with iOS 6 & Later)
* Also Works with Androids (Compatible with Android 4.3 & Later)
* Bluetooth 4.0 (Compatible with Devices Bluetooth V4.0 & Later)
* Sold as: Unit
* Weight: 0.37 lbs.
The PHTM10BT infrared thermometer is the latest in health technology.
Instantly take the temperature of an adult or child with just the press of a button.
Quickly and easily measure the body temperature through the eardrum -- convenient and safe for all ages.
Download the free "~Pyle Health" Smartphone application and wirelessly transmit temperature data via Bluetooth technology to your mobile device or tablet.
The Pyle Health app saves your temperature readings, allows you to view the history of your past readings and the integrated calendar system keeps it all organized.
The app also allows you to share your temperature readings with family, friends or your doctor.
Use the Pyle Health app to connect to other Pyle Health products and keep track of all your important health data like blood pressure, weight and body temperature.
Change the way you keep track of your health with the "~Pyle Health" App and the Digital Bluetooth Thermometer!