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Portable & Cordless Water Flosser / Electric Oral Irrigator
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Manufacturer: PYLE

- Wireless & Efficient Water Flossing * Handheld Oral Irrigator for A Quick Clean * Cleans In-Between Teeth & Below the Gum-Line * Effective Alternative to Flossing * Lab Tested to Improve Oral Hygiene Health * Built-in Rechargeable Battery * Two Intensity Modes: Soft & Normal * Refillable Water Tank Container * Convenient Ergonomic Design * Fold-Out Style Water Flosser Nozzle Sprayer * Easy-to-Use Button Operation * Safe for Older Children & Adults * Perfect for Travel & Business Trips * Preferred Choice for Users with Braces, Crowns, Implants * Includes Charging Wall Power Adapter Cable Technical Specs: * Battery: 1500mAh (NiMAH) * Cleaning Pressure: Up to 80 PSI * Water Tank Capacity: 180 ml * Dimensions (L x W x H): 2.7-in x 1.9-in x 5.2-in