Universal iPod/iPhone Docking Station For Audio Output Charging - Sync W/iTunes & Remote control
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* Dock Station With Remote For iPods
* Listen To Your Music On Your Home Stereo System
* Synchronize With Itunes On Your Personal Computer
* Stereo Audio Out
* Remote Control System
* Includes Audio and Charging Cablesli>Power Source Voltage: 100-240v 5V Output
* Sold as: Unit
* Weight: 0.72 lbs.
The PIDOCK1 is a convenient dock for your iPod, iPod Touch, or iPhone that allows you to easily play your favorite digital music through your home stereo system.
Simply cradle your iDevice in the dock and cue up your favorite music -- it even charges while it plays.
This device outputs stereo audio over a 3.5 mm jack.
A 3.5mm to dual male RCA jack wire is provided for easily connecting the PIDOCK1 to your home receiver.
You can also control your iPod or iPhone using the included wireless remote.