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Digital Air Fryer, Electric Oil-Free Air Frying Cooker
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- Air-Fry Made Easy: Insert Food, Set the Time & Temp * Healthy & Hassle-Free Oil-Free Frying Alternative * Simple Operation Kitchen Appliance * Achieve Tasty & Low Fat Foods with Benefits * Prepares Significantly Healthier Food Than Traditional Frying * Countertop Slide-Out Frying Bucket & Basket * Integrated Convection Oven-Style Vortex Fan * Rapid Air Circulation for Even Cooking All-Around * Includes Non-Stick Teflon Frying Basket * Ability to Broil, Roast, Bake, Grill & BBQ * Cook & Prepare All Your Favorite Foods * Built-in Pre-Programmed Cooking Modes * Adjustable Time & Temperature Settings * Digital LCD Panel with Touch Button Controls * Stain Resistant and Easy-to-Clean * Safety Automatic Power Off Function * Prepare Great Tasting Crispy Skins, Perfect for Fries * Perfect for Chicken, Steak, Fish, Salmon, Shrimp & More * Also Great for Desserts & Pastry Souffl├ęs Technical Specs: * High Power Heating Element: 1400 Watt * Adjustable Temperature Setting: 176 Degrees F * 392 Degrees F * Maximum Time Setting: 30 Minutes * Frying Basket Capacity: 3.2L, Non-Stick Pan 4.0L * Power Cord Length: 4.6 feet Feet * Power: 120V, AC