Electric Food Dehydrator / Digital Food Preserver
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Manufacturer: NUTRICHEF

* Multi-Tier Kitchen Appliance
* Dehydrate Food for Enhanced Preservation
* Simple One Button Operation with Nutritious Results
* Faster & More Efficient Alternative to Food Dehydration
* Scientifically Tested to Increase Food Shelf Life
* Effectively Dries Food by Removing Moisture Content
* Great for Food Storage: Drying Causes Food to Shrink
* Dehydration Retains up to 97% of Vitamins & Minerals
* Healthier Alternative than Canning or Freezing
* Prepare Healthy Snacks for All Ages
* Dries Your Food to Reduce Spoilage
* High-Heat Circulation Travels Through Each Tray
* Digital LCD Display Readout
* Temperature & Time Setting Adjustable
* Works with a Wide Variety of Foods
* Meat, Fish, Poultry, Fruits, Vegetables and More
* Use for Meats to add in Stews, Soups, etc.
* Stain Resistant & Easy-to-Clean Technical Specs:
* Reaches Maximum Temperature of 158 Degrees F
* (6) Stackable Tier Trays for Enhanced Air-Flow
* Extra Wide Food Trays, 12.9-in x 12.9-in
* Power Cord Length: 3.2 Feet
* Power: 120V, 350 Watt
* Dimensions (L x W x H): 12.9-in x 12.9-in x 7.5-in