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3-in-1 Dehydrator & Steamer Food Cooker (Black)
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- Revolutionary Kitchen Cooking Appliance * Multi-Function 3-in-1 Design: Cooker + Dehydrator + Steamer * Simple One Button Operation with Nutritious Results * Perfect for Cooking Rice or Steaming Vegetables * Includes Removable Trays for Stacking Food * Dehydrate Food for Enhanced Preservation * Healthier Alternative than Canning or Freezing * Prepare Healthy Snacks for All Ages * Dries Your Food to Reduce Spoilage * Stain Resistant & Easy-to-Clean * Stackable Tier Trays for Enhanced Air-Flow * High-Powered Heating Element * Works with a Wide Variety of Foods * Safe Operation on Any Kitchen Countertop or Table What's in the Box: * Heating Element Base * Vented Dome Cover * Rice Bowl * Vented Steam Bowl * Four Stackable Dehydrating Trays Technical Specs: * Heating Element Power: 650 Watt * Maximum Dehydrating Temperature Reaches: 183 Degrees F * Maximum Steaming Temperature Reaches: 212 Degrees F * Rice Bowl Capacity: 3.0+ Quarts * Dehydrating Tray Size (Diameter): 9.8-in x 9.8-in x 1.1-in * Power Cord Length: 3.5ft..
* Power: 120V