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Compact Fold-Out BBQ Grill Roaster with Vertical/Standing Grill Rack
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- Versatile Grill BBQ Cooktop * Compact Size & Convenient Fold-Out Design * Dual High-Powered Heating Element * Ability to Cook & Grill Horizontal & Vertical * Insert Your Ingredients into the Vertical Standing Roast Rack * Drip Pan Catches Grease & Keeps it Clean * Adjustable Rotary Timer & Temperature Controls * Safe for Placement on Any Table or Countertop * Includes Teflon Coated Griddle Trays Technical Specs: * High-Powered Heating Element: 1200 Watt * Maximum Timer Setting: Up to 60 mins * Temperature Thermostat: 140-464 Degrees F (60-240 Degrees C) * Power: 110V * Unit Dimensions (L x W x H): 11.42-in x 10.24-in x 12.2-in