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Raclette Grill, Two-Tier Party Cooktop, Metal Grill Surface
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- Wide Tray Food Prep Raclette * Prepare Your Food with Traditional Swiss-Style * Two-Tier Cooking Surfaces: Top & Bottom * High-Powered Heating Element * Adjustable Rotary Temperature Control * Simple & Hassle-Free Plugin Operation * Power LED Indicator Light * Safe Placement on Any Kitchen Table or Countertop * Perfect for Cheese, Vegetables, Meats, Seafood & More! What's in the Box: * Raclette Grill * Removable Cooking Tray * (8) Food Serving Paddles Technical Specs: * High Powered Heating Element: 1000 Watt * Metal Cooktop Size: 15-in x 9-in * Power Cord Length: 3.3ft..
* Power: 120V * Dimensions (L x W x H): 20.4-in x 10.4-in x 5.4-in