Electronic Multi-Cooker, Digital Multifunction Rice Cooker & Steamer
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Manufacturer: NUTRICHEF

* Energy & Time Efficient Food Prep
* Hassle-Free & Easy to Use: Cooking Made Easy
* Ability to Cook, Bake, Fry, Braise, Steam, Boil, Bake, etc.
* Enclosed Cooking Preserves Natural Food Flavors
* Retains Beneficial Vitamin & Mineral Nutritional Value
* Non-Stick Teflon Coated Removable Cooking Inner Pot
* Digital LCD Display Panel with Time & Temperature Control
* Integrated Pressure Steam Valve and Lock-Top Lid
* Re-Heat / Keep Warm Function
* Built-in Preset Cooking Modes
* Kitchen Timer Alarm Notification
* Convenient Carry Handle
* ABS Stain-Resistant Housing
* Safe for Placement on Any Kitchen Table or Countertop
* Used for Rice, Soups, Meat, Poultry, Vegetables & More Technical Specs:
* High-Powered Cooking / Heating Element, 700 Watt
* Maximum Time Setting: 24 Hours
* Power Cord Length: 2.5 Feet
* Power: 120V, AC
* Dimensions (L x W x H): 14.5-in x 10.6-in x 9.0-in