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Vertical Countertop Rotisserie Rotating Oven (White)
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- Revolutionary Vertical Cooking Appliance * Rotisserie Spinning-Style Cooking * Reduces Fat from within Your Food * Energy Efficient Design Cooks Evenly * Creates Crispy Skins with Tender & Juicy Interiors * Simple & Adjustable Rotary-Style Timer Control * See-Through Cooking Window to See When It's Ready * Swing-Open Oven Door for Convenience * Thoroughly Cooks and Retains Food Flavor * High-Powered Heating Element * Excess Fat Drains Off by Gravity * Easy-to-Clean & Stain-Resistant Housing * Safe Operation on Any Kitchen Countertop or Table * Perfect for Whole Chicken, Breasts, Turkey, Lamb, Beef, Pork, etc.
What's in the Box: * Rotisserie Oven * Removable Roasting Rack * Nonstick Drip Tray Technical Specs: * Heating Element Power: 650 Watt * Adjustable Cooking Timer Selection: 2 Hour, Max * Maximum Cooking Temperature Reaches 185 Degrees F * Interior Cooking Compartment Size (W x H): 8.6-in x 8.6-in x 9.4-in * Power Cord Length: 3.5ft..
* Power: 120V