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Induction Cooktop - Digital Countertop Burner with Adjustable Temp Control
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- Ceramic Tempered Glass Induction Cooktop * Simple Electronic Plug-in Flameless Burner Design * High-Powered Heating Element * Circular Top Panel Heating Zone * Quickly Heats for Instant Food Prep * Digital LCD Display Screen * Sensor Touch Controls * Countdown Timer Setting * Adjustable Temperature Setting * Built-in Child Safety Lock * Stain-Resistant & Easy-to-Clean * Compact Ultra-Thin & Space-Saving Style * Built-in Turbo Fan for Quicker System Cool-Down * Energy Efficient: Low Power Consumption * Safety Certified & Approved * For Use with All of Your Steel Kitchen Cookware, Pots & Pans Technical Specs: * Heating Element Power: 1500 Watt * Heat Zone Size: 5.9-in -inch Diameter * Adjustable Temperature Controls: 140 Degrees * 460 Degrees Degrees Fahrenheit * Max.
Timer Setting: Up to 4 Hours * Construction Materials: Tempered Ceramic Glass, Engineered ABS * Power Cord Length: 4.9ft..
* Power: 120V * Total Unit Size (L x W x H): 11.4-in x 14.2-in x 1.9-in