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Electric Cooler & Warmer - Mini Fridge with Thermo Heating Ability, 7+ Liter
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- Compact & Portable Cooler / Warmer * Mini Fridge: Keep Drinks Cool for Beach Days * Thermo Heat: Warm-up Foods Ready to Serve * Perfect for Loading into the Car Trunk or Backseat * Easy Carry Design & Perfect for Travel * Simple Electric Plug-in Operation * Flip-Up Cover for Quick Access * Four Top Lid Cup Holders * Inside, Holds Up to 9 Can Beverage Refreshments * Rugged & Durable Construction * Integrated Fan for Set Temperature Regulation What's in the Box: * Cooler & Warmer             * Car Charger / Cigarette Lighter Adapter Technical Specs: * Refrigerator/Thermo-Electric Motor Power: 45/38 Watt * Holding Capacity/Volume: 7+ Liter * Construction Material: Environmentally Friendly Polyurethane * Power: 110V (DC 12V Power Adapter) * Unit Dimensions (L x W x H): 12.2-in x 6.7-in x 10.5-in