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Hot & Cold Water Cooler.
* Automatic Electric Plug-in Water Dispenser System * Built-in Compressor for Quick Water Cooling * Ability to Dispense Both Hot & Cold Water * Simple & Hassle-Free Operation * Universal Compatibility with 5-Gallon Bottles/Jugs * Countertop / Tabletop Design * Top-Loading Water Bottle Style * LED Indicator Lights * Ultra Quiet Operation * Convenient Spill Guard Drip Tray Technical Specs: * Construction Material: Engineered ABS * Cold Water Temperature: 50 Degrees Fahrenheit * Hot Water Temperature: 203 Degrees Fahrenheit * System Output Power: Heating 350 Watt, Cooling 110 Watt * Power Cable Length: 6.7ft..
* Power Supply: 110V * Unit Dimensions (L x W x H): 13.0-in x 14.1-in x 21.7-in