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Automatic Vacuum Sealer System - Electric Air Sealing Food Preserver with Stainless Steel Housing
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- Automatic Vacuum Sealing Made Easy * Save Time & Money with Smart Meal Prep * Lab Tested to Effectively Increase Food Shelf Life * Hassle-Free Operation & Simple Electric Plug-in Design * Two Food Modes: 'Dry' & 'Moist' Food Settings * Perfect for Marinating Foods for Savory Results * Includes Re-Usable & Washable Vacuum Seal Bags * Also Includes Wine Stopper & Suction Hose * Vacuum Sealing Bags are Microwaveable Safe * Adjustable Vacuum Suction Speed * High-Power Suction Element * LED Indicator Lights * Digital Touch Button Control Panel * Stain-Resistant & Easy-to-Clean Housing * Safe Placement on Any Kitchen Table/Countertop * *Can Also be Used for Preserving/Waterproofing Non-Food Items What's in the Box: * Vacuum Sealer * Removable Weight Scale * Five Vacuum Bags, 7.8-in x 11.8-in * Vacuum Bag Roll, 7.8-in x 78.7-in * Wine Stopper & Vacuum Hose Technical Specs: * High-Powered Suction Motor: 110 Watt * Pressure Air-Flow: 12L /min, -0.8 bar * Construction Material: Stainless Steel Housing * Power Cord Length: 3.8ft..
* Power: 110V * Dimensions (L x W x H): 14.2-in x 5.9-in x 3.0-in