Single 10-in Slim Designed Subwoofer Bass Box Enclosure System
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10-in High Power 4 Ohm Subwoofer Black Flame PP Cone with Foam Edge 2.0-in Aluminum Voice Coil Rear Vented Design 1200 Watts MAX Power Handling Dimension: 19-in W x 13-in H x 1.2-in D
* Sold as: Unit
* Weight: 20.08 lbs.
This slim, 10' subwoofer bass box is perfect for your car with limited space.
It's small, but it doesn't skimp on power - this model can handle up to 1200 watts.
Fits in a trunk and takes up less than 2 cubic feet of space! The 2' aluminum voice coil provides roaring bass and that's completely free of distortion.
The black flame PP cone with foam edge extends the life of your subwoofer, while the foam edge keeps the subwoofer secure and your music sounding great.
The rear vented design means you'll achieve a louder, more booming sound at lower power consumption.
Don't be afraid to crank up the volume and hear this baby roar!