1/2 Din 7 Band Parametric Equalizer w/Built-in Crossover & Subwoofer Control
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* DC 12 Volt * Half Din Dash Mount * Output Volume Control * Input Gain Adjustments * Frequency Gain Control * 7-Band Graphic Equalizer * Fully Adjustable crossover * Illuminated Rotary Controls * Full System Fader Adjustment * Mounting Hardware Included * Built in 6 hannel 7 Volt Line Driver * 2-Channel RCA Source & AUxInput * Selectable Source & AUxInput Selector * 6-Channel 7 Volt RCA Outputs (Front/Rear/Subwoofer) * Dimensions: 7-in W x4.1-inD x1.10-in H * Sold as: Unit * Weight: 1.71 lbs.
The PLE780P is a half-DIN 7-band parametric equalizer from Pyle.
It's equipped w/2 channel RCA input, plus an auxiliary input.
Outputs over sixchannels, stereo for front, back, & subwoofer.
Each control is a smooth rotary fader w/illumination.
Adjust the sound to your exact specifications & get the most out of your audio system.
Mounting hardware included "" it easily installs in your vehicle's dashboard for convenient access.