10-in 1000 Watts Low-Profile Super Slim Active Amplified Marine/Waterproof Subwoofer System
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* 10-in Slim Marine Woofer
* RCA Low Level Input
* High Level Input
* Green and Red LED Power Status Indicator
* Remote Level Control
* Phase Shift Switch : 0 or 180 Degrees
* Adjustable Input Sensitivity : 0.2V-3V
* 0 to +12Db Variable Bass Boost (@ 45Hz)
* Low Pass Filter (50-150 Hz)
* Soft Delay Remote Turn-On
* Thermal , Short and Overload Protection Circuits
* Fuse : 2 x 20A
* Max Power : 1000 Watts
* RMS Power of Amplifier : 500 Watts
* Dimension : 15-in (L) x 11.8-in (W) x 3-in (H)
* Weight : 15.5 LBS
* Sold as: Unit
* Weight: 16.32 lbs.
The Pyle Hydra PLMRBS10 is a low-profile marine/waterproof amplified subwoofer.
Low enough to easily fit beneath the seat of your car or boat, this system offers a quick and easy way to add a high-powered sub to your audio system.
The integrated amplifier in the PLMRBS10 pumps out 1000 watts max through its ten-inch speaker, and features a low pass crossover adjustable from 50 to 150Hz.
Both high and low level inputs are present, making this a universal solution for use with any head unit or other input source.
For protection, this amplifier incorporates special protection circuitry which will disable the amplifier if input overloads, short circuits, or extreme temperatures occur.