Erasable Desktop Illuminated LED Writing Board w/ Remote Control & 8 Fluorescent Markers
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* Erasable and Re-writable Sign Board that Lights up Your Messages
* LED Board with Bright Programmable Colored Lights
* Flashing Modes For Multi-Color Combinations
* Designed for Hanging or Standing to Fit Any Display Need
* Includes Control Box and Remote to Set Flashing Modes for Multi-Color Combinations
* Comes with Control Box and Remote Control
* Colored Pens Included: white/orange/purple/pink/green/blue/yellow/red
* Easily Erases by Wiping with Damp or Dry Clean Cloth
* Dimensions of Board: 16-in x12-in inches
* Weight of Board: 21 oz.
* Power Adapter (220V/12V, 1A)
* Sold as: Unit
* Weight: 2.85 lbs.
You can easily make your own neon signs with flashing lights and fluorescent colors to display any where you want.
Perfect for presentations, supermarkets, restaurants, hair solons, clubs, and family parties.
Just write your desired message or draw your favorite picture and light it up for the full LED neon affect.
Comes with 8 different fluorescent colored markers white/orange/purple/pink/green/blue/yellow/red.
Electronic control box with remote control allows you to wirelessly change the multi-colored lights and flashing patterns.
Easy hanging chain and stand-up supporting foot pegs allow you to display your presentation anywhere.