Personal Monitor System
SKU: PM351
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Manufacturer: ROLLS

The PM351, like its predecessor the PM350b, is a personal monitoring device with a 1/4-in TRS stereo/mono Line Input,a single XLR Microphone input and hard-wired XLR pass-through, and a 1/4-in stereo/mono Instrument input with two transformer-balanced and isolated XLR Outputs.
All three of these inputs are also routed via individual Level controls, to a 1/4-in and an 1/8-in (3.5mm) Phone Output.
The Mic Through, and Instrument outputs have jumpered Ground Lifts for elimination of ground hum.
The PM351 is ideal for live bands and church musicians, as well as studio musicians and singers.
Having the ability to monitor a main mix along with the musicians voice and their instrument make the PM351 an effective and versatile tool.

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