Ceiling Mount DVD Entertainment System w/ High Definition 14.3-in LCD & MobileLink MHL Input
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* Interchangeable Color Skins (beige, black, grey)
* Car-Spec DVD Drive for Extreme Temperature Exposure
* MobileLink Input for Smart Device Connectivity
* Playback from DVDR/RW of 720p MP4
* Playback from 32GB SD Card or USB of 720p MP4
* Flash Memory for Last Position Recall
* Single Channel Wireless IR Transmitter (use HP-10S, HP-11S)
* 8-ch FM Stereo Transmitter for OEM Integration
* RCA A/V Input for Auxiliary Sources
* RCA A/V Output for Multiple Component Integration
* Triggered Bright White LED Dome Light
* NTSC / PAL Auto Selection
* 1,366-in x 768 16:9 Widescreen Resolution
* 400 NIT Screen Brightness
* Dimensions: 12.75-in w x 7.5-in d x 2-in h
Mobile LINK MHL Interface Cables
HDM-i4 to iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPad2, & iPad3
HDM-A2 to Galaxy 2 & Select 5-Pin Android Devices
HDM-A3 to Galaxy 3, 4, & Select 11-PIN Android Devices
5ft interface cable unlocks 1080p video & audio playback from MHL enabled appropriate micro connector f or your mobile device.
Farenheit MobileLink MHL interface cables also charge your mobile device.
Available for select iOS & Android devices.