Pyle Secure Scan Handheld Metal Detector Wand Security Scanner with Adjustable Sensitivity
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* High Sensitivity Even Detects Small Hidden Metal Objects
* LED Lights Alerts to the Detection of Metal
* Choose Between Sound or Vibration Alerts
* Easy and Convenient Use, No Adjustment Necessary.
* High/Low Sensitivity Settings.
* Detection Sensitivity: 2.5mm Steel Ball.
* Battery Required: 9V.
* Battery Depletion Warning.
* Power Consumption: 270mW- 50mA.
* Operation Frequency: 22kHz.
* Operation Temperature: -20 to 90 degrees F.
* Perfect for Security, Safety, Indoor/Outdoor Events
* Net Weight: 14 oz..
* Dimensions: 16.0-in x 3.3-in x 1.7-in inches