Ceiling Mount 9-in DVD Entertainment System
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* Interchangeable Color Skins (beige, black, grey)
* Color Matched Trim Ring for Sculptured Ceiling Included
* 90 Degree/90 Degree Swivel Screen for Angled Viewing
* Car-Spec DVS DVD Drive for Extreme Temperature Exposure
* Playback from DVDR/RW of 720p MP4 & DivX
* Playback from 32GB SD Card or USB of 720p MP4, & DivX
* Flash Memory for Last Position Recall
* Single Channel Wireless IR Transmitter (use HP-10S, HP-11S)
* FM Stereo Transmitter for OEM Integration
* A/V Input for Auxiliary Sources
* Rear Panel RCA A/V Input for Game Console
* A/V Output for Multiple Component Integration
* Triggered Bright White LED Dome Light
* Rear Panel Paly/Pause Control
* NTSC / PAL Auto Selection
* 800-in x 480 16:9 Widescreen Resolution
* 400 NIT Screen Brightness
* Dimensions: 11-in w x 9.75-in d x 2.5-in h
* 3 Color Skins
* PMD-90 comes w/3 sets of interchangeable snap-on color skins.
Each color set also includes an extra trim ring to trim for sculptured ceilings.
Choose from beige, grey, or black.
* Enjoy your widescreen DVDs without annoying black bars across the top & bottom of the screen, or zooming in to some awkward ratio & loosing most of the image.
* Swivel Screen
* PMD-90's industrial strength hinge rotates the screen 90 Degree to the left, or 90 Degree to the right.
You'll have the perfect view no matter where you're sitting in the vehicle.
* Digital Media Drive
* Play your favorite DVD's, MP4, DIVX, & XVID movies, or MP3 audio files from a DVD-R/RW or CD-R/RW discs
* IR Transmitter
* Stereo IR transmitters send the audio signal to any single channel IR headphone.
8 infra-red LED's ensure sufficient signal strength.
Check out HP-10 or HP-11 for your PMD-90
* FM Transmitter
* Tune your car stereo to one of 8 available radio stations to hear the movie throughout the entire vehicle stereo system.
Select from 87.7-89.1mHz frequencies.
* LED Dome Lights
* On-board LED lights can be used as dome lights if PMD-90 is installed in the factory dome light location.
A trigger sensor can activate the lights when doors are opened.
* HD Digital Display
* An LED back light HD quality 640x234 screen resolution yields a home theater experience in the car.
All Power Acoustik ceiling units use only new A Grade LCD screens.
* SDHC Card Reader
* Read up to a 16gb SDHC card for MP3 audio & MP4 video playback, or view & save photos w/the JPG photo viewer.
* USB 2.0 Port
* Connect up to a 16gb flash drive for MP3 audio & MP4 video playback, or view & save photos w/the JPG photo viewer.
* A/V Inputs & Output
* Join the outputs of a game console or other device to the A/V inputs, & A/V outputs to auxiliary monitors in the vehicle for total systems integration.
* LCD Backlight TFT-LCD Monitor
* Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display backlight by energy efficient Light Emitting Diodes is the best in LCD screen technology.