Outdoor Bug Zapper Trap, Electric Light Plug-in Pest Control, Chemical-Free Insect Mosquito Killer, Weather Resistant, Wide Coverage
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Manufacturer: SERENELIFE

* Effectively Eliminates Unwanted Bugs & Pests
* Integrated UV Light Attracts Insects
* Eco-Friendly: No Harmful Chemicals
* High-Voltage Electric Pest Control
* Hassle Free Operation: Simply Turn it On
* Marine Grade Weather Resistant Housing
* Included Bait Case to Lure in Pests
* Extra Wide Coverage Area
* Rugged & Durable Construction
* Ultra Quiet Operation
* Built-in Fan Draws Pests Inward
* Easy Removable Waste Bucket Tray
* Perfect for Porch, Deck, Patio, Yard, Garden
* Indoor & Outdoor Use Technical Specs:
* Zapper Construction Material: Engineered ABS
* Area Coverage: Over 1600 + Square Feet
* Marine Grade Rating: IP-24
* MAX Power Output: 20 Watt
* Power Supply: 120V, DC12V
* Dimensions: 13.4-in x 13.0-in x 27.1-in