Professional Rack Mount Power Controller w/Protection & eight AC outlets & swiveling light fixtures
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Install the PowerTrip8 in the top of your rack & use the eight switched AC outlets on the rear panel to power all of your equipment, up to a full 15-amp load.
The line voltage monitor displays incoming voltage, & the two slide-out, swiveling light fixtures provide illumination of your gear, adjustable via the front-panel dimmer control.
The PowerTrip8 supports 8 grounded AC jacks on its rear panel, activated via a large lit power switch on the front panel.
The PowerTrip8 offers superb surge & transient suppression, so all power outputs are clean & noise-free.
The unit features a large front-panel LED display that shows current AC line voltage for informed power management.
Also on the front panel, the PowerTrip8 contains two pull-out light bars that have their own separate on/off switch & dimmer-control knob.
The PowerTrip8 protects your delicate electronic equipment w/a highvoltage surge & transient suppressor & an RFI/EMI interference filter.
The fast-acting suppression circuit responds in less than a nanosecond, clamping transient voltages to safe levels.
The filter works to prevent noise from fluorescent lights, certain dimmers, radio transmitters, & similar sources of electronic pollution" from entering the AC line, and, from there, leaking into sensitive audio, video, or computer circuits.
The PowerTrip8 has eight AC outlets located on its rear panel, controlled by a front panel master switch which glows when the power is on.
The circuit breaker-protected outlets are rated at 15 amps, which is equivalent to 1800 watts at 120 volts.
The PowerTrip8's lamps are easy to pull out & aim.
A switch on the left side of the front panel turns them on & off, & the brightness is adjusted by the nearby dimmer control.