Universal DC PedalA BoardA Power Supply - Powers Up To 10 Guitar Effects Pedals At 9 & 18 Volts
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* Powers Up To 10 Effects Pedals * Input: AC 110-240V, 15VA, 50/60Hz * Enclosed In A Robust ABS Plastic Case * Includes 10 Cables To Connect Each Pedal * Output: 6 x9V DC 100mA, 4 x18V DC 200mA * Powers 4 Outlets Dunlop/MxR Pedals At 18 Volts * 6 Outlets Power Standard Battery Operated Pedals At 9 Volts * Comes Complete w/Cables & Detachable AC Power Cord * Universal Power Supply For All Battery-Operated Guitar Pedal Effects * One Unit Replaces 10 Power Adapters - Great For Saving Space & Electricity * (Guitar Effects Pedals Not Included) * Sold as: Unit * Weight: 1.2 lbs.
The PPDLP03 is perfect when you need to power a bunch of foot pedal effects for your electric guitar setup.
Reliable, efficient, & perfect for the studio or on stage.
Powers up to six(6) effects pedals at 9 V each & four (4) pedals at 18 V.