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100-in Motorized Projector Screen, Electronic Automatic Projection Display, Includes Remote Control
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- Easy-to-Use: Simple 'Setup & Project' in Seconds * Electronic Motor Hides or Reveals the Screen Quickly * Take Control via the Wired Control Box or Included Wireless Controller * White Background & Black Masking Border for Optimal Color Pick-Up * Premium Matte Fabric Viewing Screen Material * Designed for Universal Projection in Any Room * Convenient Hooks for Wall / Ceiling Mounting * Lightweight, Compact & Protective Case Housing * Washable, Stain-Resistant, Flame Retardant Fabric * Perfect for Use in Homes, Offices or Classrooms Technical Specs: * Inner Projection Viewing Screen Size: 100-in Diagonal (59.1-in x 78.7-in ) * Total Screen Size, Including Black Masking Border: 68.9-in x 80.7-in * Case Housing Material: Aluminum * Case Housing Width: 91.0-in * Aspect Ratio / Viewing Format: 4:3 (16:9 Compatible) * Left / Right Black Masking Borders: 25mm Black, Each * Fabric Material: Engineered PVC * Fabric Color: Matte White * Screen Gain: 1.3, Triple Layer * Power: 120V, AC * Control Box Power Cable Length: 106.3-in * Wireless Remote Control Battery Operated, Two x 'AAA' Included