Universal 72-Inch Floor Standing Portable Roll-Up Pull-Out Manual Projector Screen Matte White
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* Matte White Projector Screen
* Lightweight, Portable and Durable
* Fold-Out and Roll-Up Screen Style
* Premium Viewing Surface Matte Fabric
* Perfect Design for Traveling / Mobile Presentations
* Viewing Area Size Dimensions: 42.9-Inches x 57.8-Inches
* Black Masking Border for Optimum Image Focus and Alignment
* Allows for Clear and Vivid Image and Video Capture
* Double-Sided Viewing Screen Options
* Simple Installation and Operation
* Aluminum Case Screen Housing
* Auto-Locking Pull Feature
* Viewing Format: (42.9-in x 57.8-in ) 4: 3
* Quick and Easy Setup
* Perfect for the Home or Office
* Sold as: Unit
* Weight: 20.72 lbs.
The Pyle PRJSF Universal Floor Standing Pull-Out and Roll-Up Projector Screens are the perfect choice for an easy-to-use and easy-to-setup viewing surface.
The lightweight and portable design allows you to quickly create a projector screen just about anywhere.
The matte white viewing surface easily rolls down and comes equipped with an auto locking feature.
Perfect for traveling and mobile presentations for the home or office.
Simply roll it down and project.