Universal 100-Inch Floor Standing Portable Fold-Out Roll-Up Tripod Manual Projector Screen (59.8-in x 79.9-in ) Matte White Surface
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* Quick & Easy Projector Screen Setup
* Lightweight, Portable and Durable
* White Matte Fabric Premium Viewing Surface
* Fold-Out Steel Tripod Legs and Roll-Up Screen Style
* Designed for Instant Setup, Portability, Mobile Projection
* Black Masking Border for Optimum Image Focus and Alignment
* Allows for Clear and Vivid Image / Video Capture
* Manual Auto-Locking Pull Feature
* Perfect for the Home, Office or Classroom
* Viewing Area Size: 100-in inch Diagonal (59.8-in x 79.9-in )
* Aspect Ration / Viewing Format: 4: 3
* Matte Fabric Thickness: 4.5mm
* Screen Case Housing Material: Aluminum Alloy
* Total Folded / Closed Dimensions: 4.8-in x 7.5-in x 88.2-in
* Total Standing & Assembled Dimensions: 42.9-in x 78.7-in x 82.6-in
* Sold as: Unit
* Weight: 19.9 lbs.
The Pyle PRJTP Universal Tripod Projector Viewing Screens are the perfect choice for a quick & easy projector viewing surface.
The lightweight and portable design allows for a convenient setup wherever needed.
Simply pull the screen up and lock it in place.
The matte white viewing surface features an auto-locking mechanism that rolls out in seconds.
The black masking border allows for optimum image focus and alignment.
Perfect for the home, office or classroom.
Enjoy portable and hassle-free projector viewing with the Pyle PRJTP Viewing Display Screens.