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Video Projector Mount Stand, Adjustable Height, Swivel/Rotating Plate, Tripod Style
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- Rotating / Swivel Projector Plate, 360 Degree Rotation * Easy Locking Fasteners for Quick Setup * Adjustable & Pivoting Tripod Stand Legs * Rugged & Durable Construction * Lightweight, Compact & Portable * Secure Anti-Slip Rubber Grip Tips * Perfect for the Home, Office or Classroom * Includes Storage / Travel Bag Technical Specs: * Maximum Height: 59.0-in * Minimum Height: 20.5-in * Securely Holds Devices up to 33 lbs.
* Maximum Pipe Diameter: 25mm * Construction Material: Aluminum Alloy * Max.
Assembled Size (L x W x H): 29.1-in x 29.1-in x 59.0-in