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Bill Currency Binding Machine - Automatic Bank-Note Money Strapping Binder
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- Hassle-Free Batch Bill Strapper * Universal Compatibility: Works with All Currency Bills & Bank-Notes * Low-Heat Activated Glue: Safe & Durable Strapping * Automatic Binding: Simple Button Operation * Digital LCD Display Screen * Adjustable Bundle Strap Positioning * Includes Self-Adhering Binding Tape Roll * Ability to Double-Bind Stacks * Quick Setup: Power On & Active, No Warm-Up Needed * Automatic Power Off Function Technical Specs: * Strapping/Binding Tape Length: 100 meters * Minimum Bill Stack Thickness: ~20-30 Bills * Maximum Bill Stack Thickness: ~100 Bills * Power: 110/220V * Dimensions: 9.4-in x 7.9-in x 8.7-in