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Money Counter - Bill Counting Machine with Counterfeit Detection
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System * Accurate, Reliable & Hassle-Free & Bill Counting * Integrated Counterfeit Bank Note Detection * Built-in UV (Ultraviolet) Scanning for Bill Authenticity * Magnetic (MG), Magnetic Thread (MT), & Infrared (IR) Detection * Dual High-Precision Counting Sensors for Accurate Scanning * 'Add' Function: Continuously Keeps Count of Bills Added * 'Batch' Function: Process Bills in Designated Amounts * Automatic Half-Note & Chain-Note Detection Ability * Two Counting Modes: Manual and Automatic * Top-Loading Bill Feeding Hopper * Digital LCD Display Readout Technical Specs: * Counting Speed: Up to 1100 Bills/min * Hopper Bill Capacity: 300 Bills * Size of Countable Notes: 50mmx100mm/90mmx180 mm * Power: 110/220V