High Power Professional Stereo Amplifier w/a resonant switch-mode power supply & a highspeed class D topology
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Manufacturer: CREST AUDIO

Rated Watts 2ch x 2 ohms: 3300 watts 20ms repetitive burst / 2600 watts 1% THD both channels driven at 1kHz.
Rated Watts 2ch x 4 ohms: 2025 watts 20ms repetitive burst / 1725 watts 1% THD / 1500 watts 0.2% THD, both channels driven at 1kHz.
Rated Watts 2ch x 8 ohms: 1175 watts 20ms repetitive burst / 1000 watts 1% THD / 825 watts 0.2% THD, both channels driven at 1kHz.
Minimum Load Impedance: 2 ohms
* Maximum RMS Voltage Swing: 105 volts
* Frequency Response: 20Hz - 22kHz; +/- 0.5dB at 1 watt.
20Hz - 20kHz 2ch x 2 ohms: <0.5% at 2250 watts 20Hz to 4kHz, decreasing to 1650 watts at 20kHz, both channels driven.
20Hz - 20kHz 2ch x 4 ohms: <0.15% at 1400 watts 20Hz to 10kHz, decreasing to 1350 watts at 20kHz, both channels driven.
20Hz - 20kHz 2ch x 8 ohms: <0.15% at 860 watts 20Hz to 4kHz, increasing to 1000 watts at 20kHz, both channels driven.
Input CMRR: > - 75dB at 1 kHz
* Voltage Gain: x 40 (+32dB)
* Crossover: 100Hz switchable 2nd order high pass & 3rd low pass per channel.
Crosstalk: > -60dB at 1kHz at 700 watts power at 8 ohms.
Hum & Noise: > -105dB, -inA-in weighted referenced to rated power at 4 ohms.
Slew Rate: > 12V/µs
* Damping Factor (8 ohms): > 210:1 at 20Hz - 1kHz at 8 ohms
* Phase Response: +5 to -91 degrees from 20Hz to 20kHz
* Input Sensitivity: 1.95 volts +/- 3% for 1kHz 4 ohm rated power, 1.83 volts +/- 3% for 1kHz 2 ohm rated power
* Input Impedance: 20 kilohms, balanced & 10 kilohms unbalanced.
Current Draw at 1/8-in VA (watts): 1435 (890) at 2 ohms, 920 (525) at 4 ohms, 625 (335) at 8 ohms
* Current Draw at 1/3 in VA (watts): 3050 (2155) at 2 ohms, 1880 (1200) at 4 ohms, 1200 (715) at 8 ohms
* Idle Consumption: 195VA, 90 watts.
Cooling: 3 temperature dependent variable speed fans.
Controls: 2 front panel attenuators, crossover select switch for HPF, Normal & LPF
* Indicator LEDs: Five LED indicators per channel: Active, Signal, DDT, Temperature & DC
* Protection: Thermal, DC, subsonic, incorrect loads, under & over voltage
* Connectors: Inputs: Dual combination 1/4-in XLR, Outputs: Dual 1/4-in thru, one 2-pin & one 4 pin twist-lock connector
* Construction: 0.062-in thick aluminum
* Dimensions: 3.5-inx19-inx 17-in behind front panel + 0.6-in for handle
* Net Weight: 6.2 kg (13.6 lbs.* )
* Gross Weight: 7.9 kg (17.4 lbs.)
* Rated power readings made w/BW: 20 Hz to 22 kHz.
All power measurements made at 120 VAC or 240VAC.
2 ohm steady state sine wave power is time limited by circuit breaker.
* Bridge operation is not possible.
* Net Weight does not include power cord.
* Designed for years of reliable, flawless operation under rigorous use, the groundbreaking Pro-LITE series utilizes an advanced design that dramatically reduces weight, while increasing output power, reliability & thermal efficiency.
Pro-LITE Series amplifiers are also designed w/a resonant switch-mode power supply & a highspeed class D topology, that yields the highest audio resolution & efficiency available.
This revolutionary amplifier offers the sonic superiority & unsurpassed reliability for which Crest is famous, in an extremely efficient & lightweight design.
Advanced technology & extensive protection circuitry allow operation w/greater efficiency into difficult loads & power conditions.
In other words, you get an amazingly powerful & efficient amplifier that won’t break your budget or your back! The ACL (Automatic Clip Limiting) circuitry ensures trouble-free operation into loads as low as 2 ohms.
ACL protects drivers & ensures that sonic integrity is maintained, even in extreme overload conditions.
The Pro-LITE’s high-efficiency design allows the amplifier to operate at very low temperatures, & does not require massive heat sinks to cool.
For your safety, read the important precautions section, as well as input, output & power connection instructions.
Although the Pro-LITE amplifier is simple to operate & housed in an ultra-strong, ultra-lightweight chassis, improper use can be dangerous.
This amplifier is very high-powered & can put out high voltages & sizable currents at frequencies up to 30 kHz.
Always use safe operating techniques when operating this amplifier.