3-in-1 Multifunction Hand Crank USB Rechargeable AM/FM Radio with LED Flashlight and Compass, Powered by Internal Rechargeable Battery, Equipped with Power Hand Crank Recharger (Yellow Color)
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* 3-in-1 Multifunction AM/FM Radio, Flashlight and Compass and
* Manual Hand Crank Charger Dynamo Hand Turbine
* Recharge Built-in Rechargeable Battery with USB Power Cord or Hand Crank
* Built in Speaker for Listening to Radio or Emergency Alarm Function
* Bright LED Light or Flashing Red LED for Emergency Alarm Function
* Dependable All Direction Compass Securely Mounted on Unit
* USB DC Charging Jack and Power Cord
* Charge DC Devices from the DC Jack with 6V DC Charger Cable (Not Included)
* Frequency: AM: 530KHz-1600KHz  FM: 88MHz-108MHz
* DC Charge: 6V 80mA
* Sold as: Unit
* Weight: 0 lbs.