Air Purifier, Anti-Germ Healthy Clean Air Quality Control
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Manufacturer: SERENELIFE

* Improves Indoor Environment Air Quality
* Simple & Hassle-Free Operation: Just Plug it In
* Breathe Healthier with Fresh Air
* Built-in HEPA Filter Captures Airborne Germs
* Triple Layer Air-Purification: Integrated Additional Carbon Filter
* Filters Air & Removes Potential Hazardous Bacteria & Allergens
* Ultra-Violet (UV-C) Light Assists in Germ-Killing
* Captures Dust, Pollen, Gas & Smoke Particles
* Ventilation Fan for Extended Air Flow
* Safe for Use Around Children & Pets
* Speed Adjustable Circulation Air Fan
* Perfect for the Home or Office
* Front Panel Touch Button Control
* LED Indicator Lights Technical Specs:
* UV-C Light Wavelength: 254 Nanometers
* Coverage Area: Up to 430 + Square Feet
* Suggested Filter Replacement Time: 180 Days
* Noise Level: 30dB(L), 40dB(M), 50dB(H)
* Power Cord Length: 6.0 + Feet
* Power: 110-240V, AC
* Dimensions (L x W x H): 12.8-in x 6.4-in x 16.1-in