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BBQ Grill Tool Set - Grilling Utensils
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- BBQ Grill Tool Set * Grilling Utensils * Number of utensils in set 17 pcs * type of utensils corn holder/skewers/tong/spatula/fork/silica brush/clearning steel brush.
* package contents one set with aluminum box with box,4 sets each carton * product weight * material for case aluminum * material for utensils stainless steel 2CR13 * special features 2.5kg/case * dimensions of case 48*18*13CM * dimension/ length each utensil * material:stainless steel 2cr13 * 8pcs X corn holder :7cm * 4pcs X skewers:44.5cm ,thickness : 2.0 mm * thickness : 1.5 mm * tong:43cm, spatula:45cm ,fork:42cm , silica brush:40cm, clearning steel brush:41cm * aluminium case size : 47X24cm